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Tariff in -

Camp Site Fees (inc VAT)
Pitch, Caravan and 2 adults
ie Caravan or Tent + car / Motor Home +2 people
Super Pitch (Limited Number)
ie Caravan + car / Motor Home
+2 people + 16A electricity, Water & drainage on pitch
Minimum stay - two nights
Car, TOWED by Motor Home
Additional empty / overflow pitch (if required)
(subject to use of a BREATHABLE ground sheet)
Tent & Car and 2 adults
Additional Tent
Cyclist, solo with small tent
Cyclist with companion sharing one small tent
Small Tent & Motorcycle and Rider
Small Tent & Motorcycle and Rider and Pillion
Additional Adult
Child (3-12 years)
Day visitors
Showers & Hot Water No Charge / Free
Tokens for washers & dryers
Electricity (6 amp)
Extra Vehicle(s)
Continental Breakfast (served on terrace / in Snug)
Taxe Sejour (per person)
Written Confirmation

Includes transport to and from storage, set-up & levelling

Per week (Minimum)
Per month
Per year

Bed & Breakfast (Inc VAT)
Room for 4 People
Room for 3 People
Room for 2 People
Single Room
Buffet Breakfast (for non-residents)

Late arrivals and early Departures (e.g. to / from CAEN ferry) will be accommodated with prior arrangement and reservation.  

Booking with a deposit is recommended to guarantee your pitch.
Please use our secure booking page to make your reservation:
- Link to Campsite booking page
- Link to Chambres d'hôte booking page

Office Opening Hours 9.00 am to 12.00 noon, 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm approx and, in high season, 7.00 to 9.30pm (in Bar / Snug!)
PS - Don't forget - French time is 1 hour ahead of UK & Irish Time